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Animal Control

  1. Volunteer Application

    Please complete this form if you would like to volunteer at Berrien County Animal Control. Once your paperwork has been processed, you... More…

Community Development

  1. Berrien County Economic Support Questionnaire
  1. Land Bank Side Lot Marketing Form

    Homeowners in the City of Benton Harbor who live adjacent to vacant land owned by the Berrien County Land Bank Authority have the... More…

Emergency Management

  1. AAR Hearing / Meeting Scheduler

    This form is designed to determine availability for EOC Chiefs to participate in an EOC AAR Meeting/ Hearing. Participants will be... More…

  2. Berrien County Event "Hotwash" Form

    This form should be completed after every shift of every emergency. This is not an After Action Review, but can help inform one.

  3. Emergency Management Contact Form

    Use this form to contact the emergency management staff.

  4. Report Disaster Damage

    Use this form to report property damage caused by a Disaster in Berrien County. Do not use this form to request emergency assistance.... More…

  5. Request For Training - School Programs

    This form will help the Sheriff's staff schedule and manage training programs being offered specifically for schools in Berrien County... More…

  6. Special Needs, Functional Needs, or Transportation Needs Notification

    This form mirrors the functional needs card that is published in the yearly mailer to the community. Those who may need special... More…

  1. Berrien County EOC Event "After Action Review" Survey

    This survey tracks items for consideration learned from either an actual event or exercise.

  2. CERT Academy Wait List (Interest)

    Use this form to express interest in the next CERT academy. They are usually run one time each year. You will be notified directly... More…

  3. Register Disaster Resources

    This form is used if your agency would like to register resources you may have that can be called upon during an emergency or disaster... More…

  4. Request For Training - General

    This form will help the Sheriff's staff schedule and manage training programs being offered specifically for schools in Berrien County... More…

  5. School Emergency Contact Directory

    Registration of School Emergency Contact Information for Emergency Management and 911.


  1. Entry Screening Questionnaire

    For screening Equalization employees entering the workplace

  1. RPA Applicants (State, local, tribal governments, and certain non-profit) NOT local Police and Fire

    This form is used by municipal partners (City, Township, Village) to designate a point of contact as the likely applicant for future... More…

Sheriff's Department

  1. Crime Victim Notification
  2. Executive Order Tip Form

    This tip form is utilized to report alleged non-emergency violations of a Governor’s Executive Order.

  3. Request for Motorcycle Unit Assistance
  1. Deputy Donut Program
  2. Property Check Form
  3. Tip Form

Social Media

  1. Local Photography

    Let’s highlight our local photography! Would you like one of your photos to be featured in a County Social Media Channels? Submit a... More…


  1. Foreclosure Information Request

    Utilize this form to request information about foreclosures. There is a $25.00 charge for each packet requested.

  1. Name and/or Address Change Request

    Utilize this form to submit a name and/or address change request to the Berrien County Treasurer's Office.