What is being done to solve this problem?

The City of Benton Harbor issued a Public Advisory in October 2018 for all its water customers to notify them of the lead exceedance. This included further action including additional investigation into the source of the lead, and educational outreach to customers.  Additional water testing was recently conducted by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and will be ongoing as more results are gathered. Based on these preliminary results, the recommended flushing time for water has been increased to 5 minutes.

The homes that tested above the Action Level of 15ppb for lead will receive follow-up and additional testing from MDHHS and water filters from the Berrien County Health Department. This work is currently in progress.

Additionally, the Berrien County Health Department will be making water filters available for any city resident who would like to have one. See above for information regarding filter distribution.

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1. What is lead?
2. How can I be exposed to lead?
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15. What is being done to solve this problem?
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19. What about restaurants in the City of Benton Harbor? What are the recommendations?
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