Health Education

Bridge CardNutrition Education is an important part of WIC and is offered between re-certification appointments. One way you can complete this education is on the Internet and save yourself a trip into the WIC office. Some modules now available in Spanish! Two weeks before your next benefit appointment, follow these simple instructions to complete nutrition education online:

  1. Go to the WIC Health website.
  2. Create an online account and set up your profile.
  3. Choose a lesson from 1 of 5 categories, or one that was recommended to you at a WIC appointment.
  4. Complete the lesson.
  5. Fill out the survey. Click "continue" to view your certificate of completion.
  6. Let us know that you've completed your nutrition education. You can either call your local WIC office and leave a message, or email us.
  7. Please allow one week for your benefits to be added.