Plastic Bottles & Jugs

  • Most Curbside Recycling Programs and Drop-Off Recycling Programs accept plastic bottles and jugs. Please pay close attention to which kind of plastic is accepted in which program. 
  • Returnable Bottles: most grocery stores have Reverse Vending Machines (RVM) or accept plastic bottles sold in their store for return of deposit and recycling. 

Plastic Foam/Styrofoam

The word Styrofoam (with a capital "S") is a trademarked name for a certain kind of foam used mostly for construction purposes. Household foam items like foam food containers, packaging blocks, egg cartons, to-go cups, etc. are different. 

There are currently no local recycling programs taking Styrofoam or household foam for recycling. Check back for program changes and updates.  Try to reduce the use of foam by not purchase items that contain foam packaging, when possible.

Packing Peanuts

  • Packaging Service Companies: Inquire directly with local packaging or shipping companies about foam (or other) packaging reuse.
  • Surplus Trading: 2700 N. M-63, Benton Harbor, 269-849-1800. Accepts: clean, dry packing peanuts.  
  • The UPS Store: 732 S. 11th St., Niles, 269-683-7320; and 717 St. Joseph Dr., St. Joseph, 269-983-5754. Accepts: clean, dry packing peanuts and other various reusable packing materials for reuse.  
  • 1826 Hilltop Rd., St. Joseph, 800-624-8681 or 269-983-7155, Accepts: clean, dry packing peanuts and other various reusable packing materials for reuse.

Michigan Bottle Bill

Michigan is one of 11 states with a beverage container deposit law. Only "beverage containers" require a deposit and can be redeemed. The law states under MCL Section 445.571(b) that a beverage means a “soft drink, soda water, carbonated natural mineral water, or other nonalcoholic carbonated drink; beer, ale, or other malt drink of whatever alcoholic content; or a mixed wine drink or a mixed spirit drink.” Bringing beverage containers from out of state on which no deposit was paid in Michigan for the purpose of collecting a deposit on the containers is illegal. More information about the Michigan Bottle Bill can be found by searching "Bottle Bill" at the MI Department of Environmental Quality website.