Victim Assistance

A Letter from your Prosecuting Attorney

Dear Berrien County Residents,

The purpose of this information is to ensure that you, as a victim, have a complete understanding of your rights.  In order for our criminal justice system to work effectively, we need your input, support and cooperation.  It is necessary for you to communicate with those officials you have elected.  Please take the time to complete your Victim Impact Statement as soon as possible.  The Judge and Prosecutor will review your statement to determine how to best handle your case.

As your Prosecuting Attorney, I encourage you to join with our office and the local police agencies in our fight against crime.  Our collective effort will make this a safe community for all of us.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact myself, one of my Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, or anyone on the Victim Assistance Staff.

Your Prosecutor,
Michael J. Sepic