2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan Project Page


The Berrien County Hazard Mitigation Plan is being updated.  Elements and activity related to this project will be published on this webpage to encourage community involvement.  Check back frequently for updates to this project.

Receiving Notifications About this Project

As a convenience, when substantive changes are made to this page the Emergency Management staff will send out a "News Flash" to the Emergency Management Subscriber's list.  To sign up for this notification list, click the "Notify Me" button at the bottom of this page and subscribe to the Emergency Management News Flash List.  It is also recommended for any vendors to sign up for the County's Bid list as well.

Current Status

NOV 25, 2020 - The Financial Services Department posted the bid opening notice on their webpage.  The offering number is 2020-074.  Bids will be accepted until 12/21/2020.  The bid specifications are included in the bid offering details.

OCT 28, 2020 - A contractor of professional services to develop a new plan will be sought by January 2021.  Bid specifications are being developed and will be posted on this page for convenience.  Official requests for proposals will be posted in accordance with the Financial Services Department policy.

Bid Questions

NOV 30, 2020 - A potential bidder found the web posting on the bid offering page to have an inconsistent closing date of 12/2/2020.  

ANSWER:  The posting was made using 12/2 in error.  The due date is 12/21/2020 as indicated in the bid specifications.

"Old Version" of The Plan

The version of the plan that is being updated can be reviewed by clicking this link.