COVID-19 Cases and Data

WHAT is the current COVID-19 TRANSMISSION category in Berrien county?

To control for the daily fluctuations in the available data, the transmission level category will be updated once per week on Fridays, to allow for better trend analysis and more meaningful data interpretation.

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MI Safe Start Map

For more county, regional, and state-wide information about COVID-19 transmission, please see the MI Safe Start Map

The MI Safe Start Map is a dashboard designed to monitor the threshold of COVID-19 across the state of Michigan. This dashboard reports estimated community transmission levels, case rates per 100,000 by, and  daily percent of positive COVID-19 tests. The data and associated thresholds for community transmission here are derived from state COVID-19 data that may contain that are frequently updated and/or revised as COVID-19 cases are investigated. Consequently, there are times that the indicators may be or appear different than national data sources. Differences between this dashboard and local data is due to the date and time data is pulled, or type of dates associated with cases (e.g., using referral date instead of symptom onset date). The MI Start Map is updated daily and considered the best source of local data by Berrien County and CDC.

Please note: the COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving and unpredictable viral outbreak. All data presented on this site is subject to change. Use caution and care in interpreting this data.

Berrien County COVID-19 Data Dashboard

The Berrien County Data Dashboard is currently under construction with many updates underway. Please check back soon for the updated dashboard. For Berrien County COVID-19 data, visit the MI Safe Start Map or Spectrum Health Lakeland hospital dashboard

What are the CDC Indicators and Thresholds?

The Berrien County Health Department is following the CDC Indicators and Thresholds to determine the level of COVID-19 transmission in Berrien County. Indicators provide specific data points to assess the likelihood of community transmission and elevated risk to our community.
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What does BCHD base its recommendations on?

When providing guidance and recommendations to our community about which COVID-19 mitigation measures may need to be in place, we are taking into consideration many local factors, such as the current rate of COVID-19 transmission (see above), our health system's capacity, vaccination coverage, testing availability and which populations may be at risk.

COVID-19 Data Resources With County-Level Information

State of Michigan MI Safe Start Dashboard

State of Michigan’s COVID-19 Data Page with County-Level Information

CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker

Spectrum Health Lakeland Hospital Information