Trial Court  - Hon. Gary J. Bruce, Chief Judge 

Trial Court Divisions

The Michigan Supreme Court has designated the Berrien County Courts as a consolidation site for the merger of the District Court, Probate Court and Circuit Court into a single Trial Court. The Trial Court is divided into three Divisions:

Criminal Division - Courthouse 1st Floor

The Criminal Division hears misdemeanor and felony crimes involving adults. The Criminal Division also handles civil infraction traffic proceedings. There are separate dockets for felony drug cases and misdemeanor domestic violence cases.

Civil Division - Courthouse 3rd Floor

The Civil Division hears all civil suits, without regard to dollar amount of the dispute, including small claims and landlord/tenant cases.

FAMILY Division - Courthouse 3RD/4th Floor

The Family Division hears cases involving estates of deceased persons, probating wills, commitments of persons alleged to be mentally ill, protection of legally incapacitated persons, adoptions, personal protection orders, divorce, custody and paternity, delinquency, and abuse and neglect of children. The Family Division also handles juvenile criminal cases.

Prohibited Devices

Electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras, pagers, etc., are not permitted in the courthouse buildings in Niles or St. Joseph.